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In today’s era, a website plays a vital role in a business scenario. A website means the visual representation of a company, so a website needs to be as perfect as it can be. Nowadays websites are not merely a piece of content and design, but they represent individual brands, organizations, and people. As companies and organizations have crossed all borders, doing business at the world level has become possible and feasible. And websites are playing a pivotal role in this realm.

Nevertheless, the process of website development has also become convenient over time. And we have effective technologies that help to create websites. or pick any other website development platform to create a decent website for your business or organization.

Here are some web development trends to be seen in 2021



PWAs- Progressive Web Apps:

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are a new age technology that is changing the scenario of web development. A progressive web app is an advanced web application that one can install on a mobile device. It means it combines the functionality of a web app and a native mobile app. So, a PWA is a web app at the core and has native app-like attributes. A user can install a PWA like a native app and can share it.

However, it can do much more than a native app as it can also be installed on desktops, it is fast, secure, and discoverable. The best thing about PWA is that it can work offline. PWAs have come out as one of the biggest trends in the past few years and it will remain so in 2021 too.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a revolutionary technology that has been come across in recent years. To be precious Artificial Intelligence changed modern technology and its surroundings. In terms of web development AI is used to have a better experience through a website. In recent times AI has been using in various fields of web development.

In the eCommerce sector, we can see AI widely. AI can suggest to the customer various products while browsing the website. Thus AI is a prominent technology that is useful for business automation and predictive approaches. Further AI also helps in improving your website through reinforcement learning. It has emerged as one of the hottest trends in the field of web development and it will remain so in 2021 too.


Chatbots are widely used modern-day technology that has a positive impact on every single business. All we know customer support is an important part of every business and when it comes to website chatbots are the one-man army for customer support. Chatbots are providing to the customer instant message while the business owner is not online or maybe are busy with other stuff. Chatbots can reply to customer queries and provide them with appropriate solutions.

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Nowadays using mobile devices is increasing rapidly as it is more convenient and can use on the go. So, when you are going to develop a website, you need to be concern about mobile users. And, when it comes to the mobile users’ AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages may be the best solutions for you. Normally websites are heavy because they have a lot of content like images, videos, etc that affect the loading speed of mobile users.

AMP is the solution to this problem. AMP accelerated the speed of the loading times by optimizing for mobile devices to ensure the fast speed of webpages.

SPAs – Single Page Application

SPAs or Single Page Applications is another attractive trend in the web development industry. If you want a sleek, concise, smart, and secure website then Single Page Application development should be your choice. You get a high-performance and easy website by creating a SPA for your business. They offer two kinds of benefits for both users and website owners. On the one end, these websites offer a pleasing user-experience, they provide ease of maintenance to website owners on the other end.



Dark Mode

Dark mode has become one of the hottest web development trends that you will also see in 2021. Users like websites that are easy and provide the best user experience. The implementation of a dark mode on your website is an attempt to enhance the user experience. The dark mode is also good for the eyes and it makes different elements stand out on the website.









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