Intoduction to Amazon Web Services – AWS Overview

Amazon Web Services

AWS refers to Amazon Web Services but let’s have a look at what it is, it’s basically a global cloud platform that allows to host and manages services on the Internet. it’s used by almost 80% of Fortune 500 companies to host their infrastructure and it has a lot of services that it provides to its customers.

There’s infrastructure service which means they provide fair servers as a service. So you don’t need to manage the backup and the power supply of the service. AWS refers to Amazon Web Services but let’s have a look at what it is, it’s basically a global cloud platform that allows to host and manages services on the Internet. Amazon Web Services provides a platform for the service. You can get Java, Ruby, PHP as a service so that you don’t have to manage the binaries of these applications.

You get the software as a service, where and you get email sending capabilities like SES . you get queuing services like SQS, and it’s a cloud storage platform where and you have a lot of storage options including EBS and s3. So all in all Amazon Web Services is a hosting provider that gives you a lot of services wherein you can run your applications on the cloud.

Why AWS?

Nowadays everyone is trying to use Amazon Web Services.  Everyone is trying to put their applications on the cloud. So, what’s the reason? Amazon Web Services is the top provider and the top choice for doing anything. On the cloud, one of the biggest reasons is the billing, so the billing is very clear you get a per-hour billing every instance or every service. AWS has a micro billing so be it instances on ec2 you get per hour billing rate which is very transparent. Even s3 buckets are charged on a per GB basis. Although it is a storage service, still there is micro billing available there. The signup process is so easy you don’t need to sign any agreement. You just go, sign up with an email id add a credit card and you’re good to go. You can go from zero to 100 in just two minutes. You can launch your server’s big machines without buying hardware. Without procuring any hardware you can just be up and running in minutes. Their billing dashboard is also very simple, Amazon Web Services give you an integrated billing dashboard that gives you reports. You can pull out reports every month.

Based on various parameters for the cloud provider to be a hit you need it to be stable. AWS has to be a trusted thing so their services are quite stable in the last seven or eight years. They have seen some three or four major outages, but those have been only region-specific. So that means out of the 12 or 13 regions in which they operate the outages have been region-specific in a particular country or continent, and those also have not been more than two or three hours and have not affected all of their customers. AWS is a trusted vendor so when we talk about AWS it comes up with something which is used by everyone in the industry from small startups to big enterprises everyone sees Amazon as a trusted adviser.

Services overview:

Now, let’s talk about the services AWS provides. The first and the most commonly used service is EC2, which is Elastic Compute cloud. This is the service that gives you bare servers, so this service will give you a machine, which you can launch and you can run your software on those. You can get small or big machines based on your requirements.

The second choice is VPC, so Amazon will not allow you full control of their cloud, instead, they give you chunks of their cloud, which is VPC or the virtual private cloud. VPC lets you create networks in the cloud and then run your servers in those networks.

The next one is s3 which is a simple storage service. s3 allows you to upload and share files. so does mostly file storage and sharing service.

Then you’ve got RDS. which is a relational database service. This RDS allows you to run and manage databases on the cloud so they’ve got almost all the major flavors of databases right from SQL Server to Oracle and MySQL PostgreSQL.

They have recently launched another one which is called aurora which claims to be a very high-performance database then route 53 is, therefore, DNS. so they’ve got a managed DNS service where and you can point your DNS to Amazon and they take care of the stuff.  It’s a scalable DNS service so it scales according to demand.

There’s also an elastic load balancer. The ELB is a service that allows you to load-balanced incoming traffic to multiple machines. So this way you can scale up your web applications to any number of users. You’ve got auto-scaling which adds capacity on-the-fly to elastic load balancers so that your website or your application is never down due to a load.

Cost of AWS?

AWS has the option to pay the bills hourly,  if it’s something like a storage thing again there’s a per GB month storage. There is region-specific pricing. Virginia is the cheapest region out of all of them, The region-specific pricing is because they have got some regions which they have got a good hold of and they are the headquarters.  Oregon and Virginia are the cheapest.

They also give you services based on the term.  If you sign up for something for a year it would be cheaper for you rather than signing up for something on an on-demand basis. They’ve got reserved instances which are very cheap as compared to the on-demand ones.

Future of AWS:

 They currently have 64 services, which span across infrastructural service, software as a service, platform as a service. They are launching new services in all demands every day. Right now they are focusing on machine learning. Recently they’ve launched a couple of services, which focus exclusively on machine learning and they are focusing on software as a service product. Wherein they want to take control of the service you want to utilize. They don’t want you to do it. They want you to upload it to them, and every now and then they keep on reducing the costs.

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