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Best Online Grocery Shops In Bangladesh

Best Online Grocery Shops In Bangladesh

Best Online Grocery Shops In Bangladesh

Many of people wants to know which is the Best Online Grocery Shops In Bangladesh An E-commerce website or shopping website is a site that allows customers to market and buy various services or products using the internet. In Bangladesh, several eCommerce websites are providing the best service to consumers. Nowadays, Around 50 million individuals use the internet daily in Bangladesh. So e-commerce organizations are multiplying. Presently, Bangladeshi consumers are more than happy to shop online, relying on online purchasing sites. Here are some of the list of grocery e commerce websites-

1) Nittabazar: has for many years been one of the most popular online shopping sites. Nittabazar has also started a grocery shopping service to meet the public’s demand. You’ll find canned, dry, and packaged food with beverages and breakfast items all in one website. 

Nittabazar has all the daily grocery that you needs. They are a single click away from you. You can also select any brand you want to purchase. They got every brand on their website. 

The delivery system of Nittabazar is way easier than you think. After placing the order with some clicks, you can get a faster delivery with quality checked, stocked, and shipped by their experienced delivery team. 

Nittabazar offers regular discounts for a chance to win an exciting discount on your shopping every time you log in. Your email is regularly required to participate in the carnival to get an attractive bonus. In addition to this, you can also use bKash or other mobile banking cashback offer instead of cash.

2) Shwapno 

The Super shop chain operated by Shwapno has been in operation in Bangladesh for many years, with its outlets in Dhaka, Chittagong, and other country areas. Swapno online store, which has been recently established, is now possible for its customers to enjoy the same products and services from anywhere in the world with a few clicks.

3)Chaldal has been recognized as a leader in the Bangladeshi online grocery business, especially among start-ups in Bangladesh and worldwide. The company was ranked 9th among the top ten online retailers globally by Forbes magazine in 2015.

Chaldal has an app ready on both Android and Apple platforms, which you can pay for bills using cash, credit cards, or Bkash. Chaldal offers their customers quick delivery support specifically within an hour.

4)Khaas food

Khaas food from its beginning has been involved with pure and fresh grocery products and also other edibles. The site has been designed well and is simple to navigate.

Khass food also offers customers Ramadan special packages. Customers can get everything they need for Ramadan iftar in Ramadan foods like dates, fruit juice, puffed rice, chickpeas, shemai, and other kinds of stuff.


Meena Bazar was already famous in Bangladesh for its physical grocery shop. Recently they came into the online marketplace by “” With good experience in chain shopping service and warehousing, MeenaClick has good service to offer.

MeenaClick offers free delivery for purchases of over 400 TK. You can get your first purchase delivered for free by registering online.

MeenaClick also has mobile apps for both App Store and Google Play. It offers all the payment options like Visa, Master Card, DBBL Nexus, and American Express.


The advancement of the internet has allowed more and more online grocery shops to open, and many other companies are coming ahead in this field. As online retail shops begin to open at a growing number of retailers, shopping for goods is becoming more convenient by the day.

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