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Flutter for Mobile App Development for Cross Platform App Development

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Mobile phones have become part and parcel of our modern life. Mobile phones allow us to keep up to date with modern life as well as connect with friends and family. We can connect to our friends and family within a second and can manage our professional life by mobile phones. So the importance of the mobile phone is beyond our thinking. In modern technology mobile phones back and bone is their apps, so it is also important to develop new apps for mobile phones.

When it comes to developing mobile app there is much technology to develop them. Flutter is one of them and best tool to develop cross platform mobile app.

What is Flutter:

Flutter is a framework introduced by giant tech company Google. It is introduced back in 2017. It is widely used as a platform to build apps for various operating systems like iOS, Android, Google, and many more. The very first Flutter version was named as a codename “sky” and was functioning in the android operating system, and since then it has involved more functions and extended functionality.

Why Flutter Framework?

1. Rapid Development

Flutter is faster than many other application development frameworks. With its “hot reload” feature, you can experiment, build UIs, add/remove features, test, and fix bugs faster. Thus reducing the overall app development time.

2. Expressive and Flexible UI

You can build beautiful apps in Flutter. Also, the end-user experience is similar to native apps. Flutter has a layered architecture that lets you control every pixel on the screen. Thus, customization is very simple in Flutter. With its powerful composting capabilities, you can overlay and animate graphics, text, video, and other controls without any limitations.

You’ll also find a set of widgets that deliver pixel-perfect experiences on Android and iOS. It enables the ultimate realization of Material Design. Just in case you don’t know, is Google’s initiative to build beautiful, usable products with Material Components for digital experiences.

3. Native Performance

Flutter’s widgets incorporate all critical platform differences such as scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts. This provides a native performance experience on both iOS and Android.

4. Dart Language

Dart programming language is developed by Google and is meant for mobile, desktop, backend, and web applications. It is a client-optimized language for fast performing apps on multiple platforms.
Dart is AOT (Ahead Of Time) compiled to fast, predictable, native code, allowing writing almost all of Flutter code in Dart. This makes Flutter extremely fast and customizable. Virtually, everything (including all the widgets) can be customized.

5. Important Flutter Tools

Flutter framework supports many different tools including Android Studio and Visual Studio Code. It also provides support for building apps from the command line. Dart DevTools, which is a new debugging tool, is more flexible and allows runtime inspection. You can also view logs, debug apps, and inspect widgets for Flutter App Development.

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