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Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Sites- 10 Features

10 Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Sites

10 Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Sites

10 Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Sites which should include all the eCommerce sites, Statistics said that by 2040, almost 95% of shopping will be facilitated by eCommerce. This means eCommerce will be in high demand in upcoming years. But, that means the competition in eCommerce is going to be neck to neck in the future. So, every business owner should set their goal and ensure that their eCommerce website is up to date and meet all customer’s needs. There have to be some must-have features for eCommerce sites.

There are some features every eCommerce website should have and to stay up to date and competitive. Let’s talk about 10 must-have features for Ecommerce sites to attract online customers.

10 Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Sites

Another Must-Have Feature for Ecommerce Sites is A user-friendly website means that it is easy to use and enjoyable to watch. A user-friendly website consists of these things:

Mobile-Friendly Website:
Must-Have Features for Ecommerce- Mobile-Friendly websites are very important in this criteria.

Almost 50% of users are mobile users. So it is important that make a responsive website that provides the same user experience as the desktop version of the website. Creating a mobile-friendly website will improve sales and potentially website ranking.  

Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Sites is High-Quality Photos: 

High-Quality Photos

High-quality photos can attract more customers and can drive more traffic to your website. The best practice for getting high-quality photos onto your website is to hire a professional photographer. High-quality photos should be relevant to the products. And also high-quality photos should reflect your company’s brand. 

User Review: 

When people making a decision to purchase a product, people read reviews and ratings. So, providing product reviews is very important. There are some ways to get product reviews, such as-

On the website- make a comment section for customers to leave a comment. 

Social Media: By social media, you can get user reviews. 

Special offers: 

Most eCommerce websites are using special offers in their standard marketing practices via email, phone calls, calls, text, etc. When a customer realizes he is getting a special discount, it motivates him to buy more and spend more time on the website. 

Advanced Search:

Advanced Search

A search box in the header of the sidebar of your website is an effective feature in engaging customers. They can easily find products on your website. It is a feature to save their time and get access to all the products that match their query. The features of advanced search turn your store into a product search engine. It helps customers to click through a list of products and reach a desirable page. Users can type a few characters and get results in suggestions.

Frequently asked question (FAQ) should included in Must-Have Features for Ecommerce- 

Complex purchases require confidence with a seller and detailed information when buying products online versus face-to-face.

An additional information section details frequently asked information, which establishes credibility and builds confidence with the customer. 

Live chat: 

Live Chat

The main drawback of online shopping is customers can not interact with a sales associate. But if a website has a live chat option customers can chat with a sales associate in real-time. 


Maintaining a secure e-commerce site is imperative to your success as an online retailer. “Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial features of electronic commerce. 

Keep your e-commerce store secure with the following best practices:

Setting Multiple Payment Gateways: 

Having multiple payment gateways ensures a higher conversion rate. Paying for products through a reliable source is one of the major constraints that a user faces.

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