AWS Services List: Top AWS Services To Choose in 2021

AWS Services List - Update tech Ltd. Amazon Web Services - AWS

AWS Services List is those which services provided by Amazon. Amazon Web Services is also known as AWS. AWS is getting popular day by day for its services. In recent years AWS providing lots of services that every user loving. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top AWS services to Choose from in 2021.

AWS Services Lists:

1. Amazon Lightsail:

AWS Services List - Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Update tech ltd

Amazon Lightsail is a Virtual Private Server (VPS). It allows getting started with AWS for developers, small businesses, and other users who need a simple virtual private server (VPS). Lightsail provides the facilities of storage, networking capacity, and capabilities to manage websites or web applications in the cloud. Amazon Lightsails includes everything that needs to launch a project like a virtual machine, storage solutions, DNS management, and a static IP address. 

2. AWS Lambda:

AWS Services List - Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Update tech ltd

Amazon Lambda is one of the best services provided by amazon web services, It allows the user to run code without any server. AWS Lambda will execute the code automatically only when the user needs to. Therefore, The user needs to pay only for the compute time and the rest is free. The service supports various code written in such as Node.Js, Java, Python, etc. 

3.Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud):

 Update tech ltd

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is also known as EC2 that provides scalable computing capacity in the AWS cloud. Amazon EC2 provides the facilities to developing and deploy applications quickly and effectively for minimal cost. Amazon EC2 also allows users to launch virtual servers according to their requirements.

4.Amazon S3:

AWS Services List - Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Update tech ltd

Amazon S3 considered one of the best services provided by AWS. Data storing and data retrieving is one of the major issues in cloud computing, and in terms of data storing and data retrieving Amazon provides a complete solution for call Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3 to store or retrieve data from the cloud. Amazon S3 allows the user to store, upload, retrieve data on a large scale, the user can manage data up to 5 TB. Amazon S3 also provides full control to users at a low-cost. 

5.Amazon Glacier:

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AWS provides some very useful services to the users, Amazon Glacier is one of them. Amazon Glacier refers online web storage service that provides users low-cost and effective storage solutions with all security features like regularly backup data. With Amazon Glacier, user can store their data for years at a low cost.

6.AWS Services List Amazon SNS:

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Simple Notification Service or SNS is a service provided by AWS. Amazon SNS can manage and deliver the message or notification to the users and clients from any cloud platform. In SNS, there are two types of clients, subscribers, and publishers. Publishers can generate a message or notification and can publish through the communication channel instantly.

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AWS Services List

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