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Courier & Parcel Management

Courier & Parcel Management

Update Tech Limited's Courier & Parcel Management System

Want to run your courier business in the fastest and hassle-free way? Then Update Tech Ltd‘s courier management system can be an easy solution for you.

Courier Management System

Courier Management System:

Update Tech ltd specializes in software development across a full range of technologies, from front-end prototyping to a complete set of back-end services. Every business wants to set a faster pace for growth, and with our full-stack development services, you can achieve that momentum. Our Courier Management System has all the options including-

Merchant Registration

Merchant Dashboard

Agent Registration

Separate Agent Dashboard

Frontend Custom Design

Parcel Manage

Transaction Report

Realtime Order Tracking

Payment Manage

Merchant Manage

Invoice management

Quick Pickup Request System

User-friendly Backend Software


High-Level Security

Order Tracking Update

Dynamnic Dashboard

Merchant Registration

Dynamic Dashboard

  • Total Shipment
  • Today Order
  • Total Order
  • Total Delivered
  • Undelivered
  • Delivered Amount
  • Delivery Charged Total
  • Unpaid Amount
  • Return Pending Total

User Management

  • User Management
  • Merchant Management
  • Agent Management
  • Branch Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Custom Edit & Delete

Front Management

  • Manage Category
  • Manage Logo
  • Add Blog
  • Manage Blog
  • Our Client
  • Client Review
  • Banner
  • Features
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