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Full Stack Development:

Update Tech ltd specializes in software development across a full range of technologies, from front-end prototyping to a complete set of back-end services. Every business wants to set a faster pace for growth, and with our full-stack development services, you can achieve that momentum. Our full-stack developers have the extensive understanding and experience necessary to create full-fledged applications for your business..

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Our Full Stack Development Services


A JavaScript library, React assists in creating top-notch user interfaces. React.js development is widely preferred, as it helps deliver excellent server and client-side rendering.


AngularJS is popular because of the flexibility it brings to all types of web app development. You can develop a browser, as well as mobile and web-based apps, with AngularJS.


Node.js is perhaps the best platform for quickly developing a network of scalable applications. With its cross-browser atmosphere, it is built to serve as a workhorse for developers.


With its simplified programming, PHP is used to create dynamic web pages. Used for web development, it is a server-side scripting language that builds robust back-end systems.


Java can operate on both a single server and multiple servers. It is great for all-round programming, and has far-reaching benefits when combined with a full stack development project.


Based on the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern, Ember.js is another popular JavaScript framework that aids developers in tailoring unique single-page web apps.

Our Industry-Specific Full-Stack Development Services

Some of the industries that have benefited from our full-stack development services are:


We develop custom full-stack applications to simplify and accelerate various processes in the healthcare industry that enhance medical care.

Retail & Commerce

Our full-stack web developers help improve your digital customers’ shopping experience with the help of user-friendly, responsive web pages, chatbots, a secure and easy checkout process, and more!

Banking & Finance

Improve and accelerate your banking and finance efforts with the real-time efficiency of our full-stack web developers. Build first-class, enterprise-grade software solutions to achieve maximum efficiency.

Travel & Tourism

We build highly customized travel apps with AR navigation, e-ticketing systems, virtual tours, kiosks, and payment gateways.

Media & Entertainment

With AI-integrated applications, you can take your digital media and entertainment business to a whole new level.

Education & E-Learning

Now you can make the most of e-learning with 3D book-reading solutions, smart learning, knowledge apps, and more!

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