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An aim to seek a faster time-to-market and a cross-channel mobility strategy on Android and iOS mobile platforms hold one thing in common – Hybrid Mobile Framework.

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Why Us ?
  • ⚫ Highly experienced Hybrid app developers who are experts in offering high-powered apps are assigned to your project.
  • ⚫ Every hybrid app development task is conducted via an agile process that promotes transparency, minimizes risk, and increases velocity.
  • ⚫ End-to-end hybrid app development services include consulting, product strategy, UX/UI design, app development, QA/QE testing, and technical delivery.
  • ⚫ Premium maintenance and support offerings, which assist you to keep your app updated all the time.
Update tech Ltd.

Our Development Process


In-house creative designers specialized in corporate branding, marketing & advertisement designs, mobile app and web application UI/UX designs


Professional mobile apps and web developers specialized in iOS & Android development, .NET, Java, PHP, C/C++, programming. We deliver best quality of codes performance and security.


Deploy and Distribute the developed software application in various channels that maximize the exposure and profitability of the end product thru training, awareness program, social networking, SEO, email & SMS marketing, and many others.

Update tech Ltd.

How Our Apps Help Your Business

Better user experience

No more clunky, hard-to-navigate mobile websites. Native apps provide a better UX that leads users to spend more in your app and exhibit increased loyalty.

More functionality

Only native mobile apps can fully access critical device features like location services.

Additional security

Only native mobile apps can employ the sophisticated security systems built into iOS and Android..

Faster speed

Native apps exploit device operating systems to run faster than slow-loading mobile sites


Native apps don’t require as much upkeep. That means less maintenance work on your end.

Increased visibility

Native apps are published to Apple and Google’s online stores, offering exposure to millions of new users.

Why Choose Us?


 In-house custom-built online project management tools.

 High-end development platform and frameworks.

 Dedicated customer support & service team.

 Multi-layered quality control approach.

 Global project experience.

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