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2021 Mobile Apps Development Trends – Since the last decades, the mobile phone has made its position in our lives. From click to touch, they have only been evolving year on year to give the best possible experience to the consumers. Likewise, mobile apps have introduced creativity and changed the way people live, work, shop, play, connect and relax. The year 2020 came in to completely change our lifestyles and taught us to embrace multiple technological developments. These changes had a positive effect on the mobile app development industry; which eventually led to the growth of small, moderate, and large companies.

In research, it is predicted that by 2021 the number of mobile users worldwide will grow by 3.8 billion. Therefore, it can be concluded that enterprises and businesses will easily meet their goals with the mobile app optimized with advanced technologies.

2021 Mobile Apps Development Trends

Subscription-Based Service:

Subscription-based business models have been with us for years now: Spotify, Netflix, Google Workspace, we all know about them and there’s no surprise they’re prospering. What I think will happen now, and it’s already started happening in late 2019-2020, is more and more companies will jump on this trend and provide access to their product via a subscription-based model, potentially in the sectors we don’t expect.


2021 Mobile Apps Development Trends also include The introduction of 5G technology will certainly have a great impact on the trends in mobile app development in general. The number of 5G connections worldwide is projected to grow to 1.1 billion by 2025. It is said that 5G is going to change the way apps are used and created. 

The speed of the new networking standard is a giant leap forward. According to an analysis conducted by Open Signal between July 1 and September 28 of this year, 5G users often experience download speeds that are several times faster than 4G. 

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence:

Over the last several years Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based mobile application have changed the whole scenario of the mobile app development industry. Recently, famous mobile application like Replika, cortana, google assistant has been using Machine learning & Artificial intelligence technology to their application. So, coming 2021 will be the year of Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence-based year.


In recent past years, wearables devices have been taking place in our lives. Statistics show that 198 million units of smart wearable products have been sold in the year 2020. And it is said that there will be 1.1 billion connected wearable devices by the year 2022. So the importance of wearable devices are very high and as most wearable devices are connected with the mobile phone, so there will be high demand for those types of the mobile application.

Mobile Apps Development Trends

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