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Real-time mobile application development in Bangladesh

Real-time mobile application

A real-time mobile application is also known as (RTA) is a mobile application that is capable of sharing and accessing data in real-time. In a real-time mobile application, the data latency should be less than a second or even maybe faster than that. In this era, the real-time application is playing a vital role in various industries.

Some real-time examples: 

  1. Instant messaging
  2. Chatting
  3. E-commerce transaction
  4. Voice over Internet Protocol
  5. Online gaming

Why real-time mobile applications is getting more popular day by day?

The real-time mobile app is getting popular day by day as they record actions and reactions on an immediate basis and share with other users using that application. 

For instance, the ride share application is a real-time application and tracking the vehicles right after booking them till you reach your destination. You can share this data with anyone you want so that even they can track your location. Rather than just predicting, you have the real data to trust and rely upon.

Unlike all the traditional apps that use static data that might be updated only when it gets an update. 

The basic features of an application: 

There are some Essential Features every Real-time application must have, such as. 

  1. Collaborate with multiple users.
  2. Getting notification of real-time data, update news, and many more. 
  3. A real-time mobile app interacts with lots of other systems like GPS tracking, Instant messaging, Chat application, and many more. 

Who develops the application in Bangladesh? 

There are lots of software companies in Bangladesh that are currently workes on this, among them Update tech Limited is one of them.

With Update Tech Limited’s skilled development team we also specialize in developing invaluable software solutions tailored to your needs.

Ask Update tech Limited about the various development options available such as:

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