Real-Time Streaming Service Application Development

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What is a Real-Time Streaming Service Application:

Real-Time stream service refers to that, the process of taking action on data at the same time when the data is generated or may be published. Real-time data is delivered to a messaging system and then immediately processed and sent to a destination. 

In order to steam  Real-time data, the data needs to be processed simultaneously on a record by record basis. 

How, Real-Time Streaming service works

Why Real-Time Streaming is so useful:

In today’s era, Real-time data is so powerful. For example, Today’s enterprise business can not wait for data to be processed. It will take a lot of time and that may occur drawbacks for a business. Basically, any industry or business that deals with very big data, can benefit from the continuous data process, in short, Real-time streaming data. 

How Real-Time Streaming works:

Data processing is not new. In previous years, legacy infrastructure was much more structured because it only had a handful of sources that generated data and the entire system could be architected in a way to specify and unify the data and data structures.

Modern data is generated by an infinite amount of sources whether it’s from hardware sensors, servers, mobile devices, applications, web browsers, internal and external and it’s almost impossible to regulate or enforce the data structure or control the volume and frequency of the data generated.

Applications that analyze and process data streams need to process one data packet at a time, in sequential order. Each data packet generated will include the source and timestamp to enable applications to work with data streams.

Applications working with data streams will always require two main functions: storage and processing. Storage must be able to record large streams of data in a way that is sequential and consistent. Processing must be able to interact with storage, consume, analyze, and run a computation on the data.

This also brings up additional challenges and considerations when working with data streams. Many platforms and tools are now available to help companies build streaming data applications.

Types of Streaming Application:

There are so many different live streaming apps in the app stores. Different kind of application such as:

  • Live Broadcasting
  • Audio Streaming
  • Video On Demanding
  • Tv Live Straming App

Who develops Real-Time Streaming Service Application in Bangladesh? 

There are lots of software companies in Bangladesh that are currently workes on this, among them Update tech Limited is one of them.

With Update Tech Limited’s skilled development team we also specialize in developing invaluable software solutions tailored to your needs.

Ask Update tech Limited about the various development options available such as:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  • Management Information System Software
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
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  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Realtime Streaming Service Application Development

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