Retail Shop Management Mobile App

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#1 App For Your Retails Business

Mudhir is a mobile application that allows you to calculate and manage all kind of business records. It’s an easy-to-use app for keeping all kinds of business records.

The app is safe and sound. This app also has an inventory on it which reason you can manage your inventory add products, update your products easily, and thus helps you to manage and see your daily cash balances.

Retail shop management mobile app

Dynamic Dashboard

  • Today’s Sale
  • Expense
  • Due
  • List Sale
  • Quick Sale
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Expense List
  • Cash Box Match
  • Purchase

Inventory Management

  • All Products View
  • Add new Product
  • Product Update
  • Product Category
  • Products Details
  • Product Code
  • Product Price Management
  • Product Stock Management
  • Product Image Management
Mudhir app

Sales Management

  • Cash Sale Report
  • List Sale Report
  • Date wise Cash Sale Report
  • Date wise List Sale Report
  • Add Cash Sale

Customer Management

  • Customer List
  • All Customer
  • Add Customer
  • Search Customer
  • Customer Management
  • Information Update
Retail shop management mobile app


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