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Update Tech Limited provides startup solutions. We are a globally renowned one-stop startup solution provider, empowering startups to get off the ground to help them scale and beyond through techno innovation to solve real-world problems.

We understand that startups look for formation, validation, and growth to amplify their ideas effectively. With our in-depth knowledge and immense expertise, we have successfully helped more than 50+ startups to make a digital debut with our tailored business solutions considering their expectations and constraints about costs and timelines.

Our approach:

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Find out how we can help you with your hiring and job search needs, access the investor center and learn more about our alliances and community outreach.


Services We Provide

We provide a wide range of Services

Managed Services are the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities and functions that are critical to any successful business

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In today’s competitive economy, cultivating strategic partner relationship is crucial to any company’s long-term success.
Update tech ltd recognizes the importance of partner relationship and is dedicated to providing a profitable agreement with partners.

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